Shalom Family Prayer Ministries

Shalom Family Prayer Ministries is a ministry which has a great vision from God to break the bondage’s and to bring deliverance for families that includes Men, Women, Youth and Children and dedicated to pray for the broken hearted people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It was started in obedience to God’s divine call given to Sis. Anita Solomon Rajesh through the Vision of Christ being crucified and right there, obeying to the heavenly voice  established the Ministry according to the plan and direction given by God to spread the Love of Jesus to the world by bringing the families together.

Today by the Grace of God, the ministry has grown and still growing with all the challenges around. The Ministry which was started with Monday Prayer and Friday Fasting Prayer, now has grown with English Worship Services, Men’s Fellowship, Shalom Prayer Houses, Media Ministry, Voice of Shalom (Monthly Magazine), Women’s Meeting, Youth Ministry, Counseling Sessions, 12 hours prayer, Scripture Meditations, Intercessory prayers, Morning Devotions, Monthly 3days Fasting prayers, Family and Youth Retreats, Outreach ministries and branch ministries.

Ministry Was Born

Sister Anita Solomon Rajesh always had the burden to pray for others and cried out to God to give her a prayer partner and it so happened that in the year 2000 an elderly sister became her prayer partner. They Joined hands regularly every week and prayed for various Ministries, Servants of God and other requests. God was so faithful to answer all their prayer requests. Soon the prayer group started growing with new souls adding day by day and the group strength increased and never decreased. In the year 2001 God gave, Sister Anita Solomon Rajesh a vision of Christ getting crucified and that was the time God intervened in her life and called Sister for the Full Time Ministry. She was running a business at that period of time and stepped down from the Business and stepped up to take the higher call from God which is the Full Time Ministry with a vision to pray for broken families and bring them into the Love of God.

The Expansion

Shalom Family Prayer Ministries was registered on February 9th 2005. Through this ministry, many broken families are reunited by the Power of God to stand as a witness for God and to fulfill the purposes of God. God added one feather to another. The Ministry started with Monday Prayer and Friday Fasting Prayer, now the ministry has grown with English Worship Services, Men’s Fellowship, Shalom Prayer Houses, Media Ministry, Magazine Ministry, Women’s Meeting, Youth Ministry, 12 Hours Prayer, Counseling Sessions, Scripture Meditations, Intercessory Prayers, Morning Devotions, Monthly 3days Fasting Prayers, Family and Youth Retreats, Out Reach Ministries and Branch Ministries. By the will of God, the Media Ministry was started in 2005 and the Voice of Shalom (Monthly Magazine) in Year 2012 to take and spread the Love of Christ through the Shalom Family Prayer Ministries to the unreached places and to masses sprawled across India and around the World.

The Future

By God’s Grace Shalom Family Prayer Ministries is still growing strong and has not diverted from its vision of bringing families together by breaking bondage’s and witchcraft’s and there by preparing them to spread God’s Kingdom. This ministry has touched and still touching specially, women who were going through Pain, Sorrows, Isolation, Bondage, Witchcraft, Separation, Divorce, Disease and Agonies.

Sister Anita Solomon Rajesh is now more committed, than ever and still continuing her journey by bringing and preaching the glorious Gospel and Good news of Christ Jesus taking seriously, the call given by God with more anointing, Prayer and by the growing Grace of God to touch people lives using the unchanging Word of God which can break the Yokes, bondages and level the mountains. God’s plans and visions for the future for Shalom Family Prayer Ministries will be established and implemented in the same way as it was accomplished thus far. The God of Impossibility will do impossible things in the future to come as the Coming of Christ Jesus is at hand.

For prayers, to break the bondages in your families, at work places and businesses, feel free to contact us and send in your prayer requests. We are ready to pray for you, so that our God may deliver you from all your bondage’s. Amen! GOD BLESS YOU.