Sis. Anugraha

Testimony :

Almighty God

On 25th October 2014, I delivered a girl baby, within a couple of weeks I had a swelling in the breast which became harder and harder and reddish in nature and extremely painful that I had to undergo an ultrasound whereby it was diagnosed as a galactocoel which is the hardening of milk. I was put on antibiotics even after which there was no Improvement and it further led to the formation of pus and I had to undergo a laparoscopy surgery to get it removed. After the period of recovery on two weeks I suddenly developed pain in one of my teeth. The dentist examined and said that the wisdom tooth was the growing at an angle which in turn was impacting the tooth that was hurting because on the surface everything else seemed normal . So she suggested that it be removed and it was done and I was given heavy antibiotics and pain killers. After the stitches were removed, the same night there was a small swelling that showed up below the tooth that had hurt me initially. This bewildered the dentist as everything seemed alright. So I was asked to take an x-ray which revealed that there was an abscess that had developed under the tooth and had started making it mobile. It was a surprise to dentist as there were no symptoms indicative of an abscess and I was asked to have a root canal done immediately to save the tooth followed by a flap surgery. When I met Sister Anita and told her what was happening , she told me that it was an evil attack. She and Bro. Solomon prayed for me. On the day of the flap surgery I had to take my son, Aiden, who is 4 years and 9 months old to the doctor as he was unable to retain anything that he ate or drank and his intake had declined drastically. The doctor examined him and said that he seemed perfectly alright and suggested medicines to improve his bowel movements. Even after medication and enema, Aiden’s vomiting did not stop neither was he able to eat or drink anything. We were asked to take an ultrasound which showed a certain amount of fluid accumulation in his abdomen and were asked to do a CT scan to see if the fluid was due to the presence of the VP shunt from an earlier surgery. As Aiden had been diagnosed with brain tumour at the age of 2 years and 4 months and had to undergo a surgery followed by 8 cycles of Chemotherapy and 30 days of radiation, the doctor asked us to take an MRI to rule out the possibility of a recurrence and certain blood tests. We believed that Jesus had healed him completely and went ahead with the MRI with that confidence at the same scan centre where the earlier diagnosis had been made. I thank and Praise God that the MRI showed no signs of any abnormality in the brain. However the blood test showed a very high CRP value indicative of an inflammation in the intestine and we had to admit Aiden in the hospital. We were also told that he shouldn’t be given anything to eat or drink and that a surgical opinion may be required. He was severely dehydrated and his blood pressure was low. I spoke to Sister Anita over the phone and she prayed and said that it was again an evil attack and that Aiden would be alright and get discharged soon without any other complications. I prayed and made a vow to write a testimony. On the third day Aiden got up and started talking and eating. Ultrasound revealed that the fluid visible in the previous scan had disappeared and it was normal. The doctor said that we could take him home. I thank and praise God for healing us and protecting us from the repeated attacks of the evil one.

Bro. Solomon Thangaraj


God is there for me

I am married and have a daughter and a son. I was working in one of the top networking companies in the world and everything was going smooth in my life. All of a sudden my company decided to down size the man power because of which I lost my job. My manager was kind enough to offer a job through another vendor. I was waiting for my offer letter but there was no sign of it. Few days later I called to enquire about my offer letter, they said that they did not get approval and so they could not hire me.
Couple of months before I lost my job, God spoke to me asking me to reduce my expenses and teaching me to start to live my life within my income. Before that I was a lavish spender. Meanwhile I started to apply for every job that suited my profile but never received a call from any of them for nearly 6 months. I learned to trust in God. I was actively involved in my Church Media Ministry and was regular to all the fasting prayer meetings.
Once when I visited Chennai, I was introduced to Shalom Family Prayer Ministries. There I felt Gods presence comforting me and the Word was preached powerfully. The word of God came to me as prophesy saying, “God Will Lift You Up”. I continued to pray and take part in my Church Ministry and Prayer Group. One day I got broke down looking at my situation. During that time God said, “Don’t worry my son, keep praising me and let my praises be in your lips”. It was very difficult for me to praise God in that situation. But I started to trust God and started to thank Him for what we were going through.
When I went to attend a prayer meeting , a blind person had come there. God asked me to give him whatever was in my pocket. All I had was just 200 rupees, which I was thinking to keep for that entire week. But I obeyed God’s voice. When I returned back home I received a message in my mobile saying that 16000 rupees has been credited in my account. I found that it was a part of my PF settled after 7 months. Whenever God prompted us to give for a person or for a ministry, we gave obeying the Voice of God.
While we were encouraged constantly by God and His children, the Word of the Lord came to me through Sister Anita Solomon . She said that God is taking you across the sea. Through Zech 4:6 and Rev 3:7 the Lord spoke to me in a powerful way. All of a sudden I got a mail asking me to send my resume. When I looked at the job description, it was exactly my profile. After a couple of days I got a call and they said it is an offer for a company in Dubai. After 10 months without a job, I got a job in Dubai with a salary package unimaginable. It is impossible for a man but all things are possible through Christ Jesus. God leads us so wonderfully without borrowing a single penny from any one.
Glory and Praise be to God!!!

Sis. Silviya Peter

Sis. Sridevi Pattabiram


Delivered from Bone Pain and Jealousy

I was suffering from severe bone pain, every joint and bone in my body was paining terribly which I have not experienced before. I was like a worm lying on my bed with pain. Fear was tormenting me day and night. Satan started threatening me that it is bone cancer. I was not able to sit and pray. Finally I decided to call Anita aunty to pray. I told aunty that my bones are paining terribly throughout my body and I fear that I have bone cancer. Aunty laughed for a moment and said, “Do you know for what reason we get bone pain?” With full of excitement I asked her, “why?” Aunty replied, “We get bone pain, if we have bitterness, disobedience and jealousy.” Immediately I confessed to Aunty that I am jealous. Aunty prayed for me and ended the call.
Then I decided to fast and pray for 3 days. On the first day of my fasting, God graciously revealed to me the things in which I was jealous. I confessed my sin and prayed to God to forgive me. On the second day, God revealed to me Proverbs 14:30 “A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.” When I kept on confessing my sin to God, He graciously delivered me from jealousy and healed my bone pain completely. What a loving God we have, my dear friends! Our God disciplines whom He loves. And on the third day, I joyfully praised, worshiped and thanked God for His teaching and healing.